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The title page of Conan Doyle’s copy of Houdini’s book has this comment from Conan Doyle: “A malicious book, full of every sort of misrepresentation.” In his marginal comments, Conan Doyle frequently used the words “bosh!” and “rubbish!” Conan Doyle was particularly disturbed that Houdini’s skepticism was limitless. He noted that Houdini never explained what would be credible evidence. In his autobiography, Houdini wrote, “Were I at a séance and not able to explain what transpired it would not necessarily be an acknowledgement that I believed it to be genuine Spiritualism.” Conan Doyle added the exasperated marginal note, “This really means that nothing could convince him.” — Wonder Shows: Performing Science, Magic, and Religion in America, Fred Nadis

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle & Houdini photographed at the Auto Club, London, England, c. 1924

The Doyle family and Houdini on the beach at Atlantic City in 1922

This remarkable scrapbook was compiled by Houdini’s good friend Quincy Kilby, a Brookline resident and Boston theater impresario. Materials in this large volume were collected over a twenty-year period and include personal letters, photographs, programs, newspapers clippings, and other unique memorabilia. Knowing that Kilby was amassing this collection, Houdini would send him items specifically “for your Houdini scraps book.”